Keyword Density Checker

March 28th, 2019


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How to use the keyword density checker

  • Navigate to the keyword density checker
  • Type in the keywords you want to track in the bar at the top
  • Copy and paste your article content into the text area
  • Analyze the keyword density and frequency of each of your chosen keywords in the sidebar

Its that simple!

Why is it important to check my keyword density?

Keyword density is not as important as it was once considered in SEO. There is no such thing as an "optimal" keyword density, and having one would encourage keyword stuffing. Google recommends not to focus on optimising keywords but instead creating insightful, information-rich content which serves the needs of the user. It is still important however to have keywords in your article which you want to be ranked in google for, after all, if the keywords aren't in your article then it will not show up in rankings! Use our free tool to make sure your content isnt over-filled and negatively affected with too many keywords while still containing some of your focus words that you want to rank for.

What is the ideal keyword frequency and density?

There is no such thing as an "ideal keyword density" trying to reach a specific percentage or number will more likely hurt your sites rankings than help it, as you may end up being found guilty of keyword stuffing.

You should instead focus on writing great content that is easy to read, and keeping an eye on your keyword density to check you haven't mentioned it too many times!

Matt Cutts is very vocal within the SEO community and answers many popular questions about such topics like keyword density. He explains everything you need to know from Google's perspective in the following video.

Matt Cutts is one of the co-inventors listed upon a Google patent related to search engines and web spam.

How is keyword density calculated?

Keyword density is calculated with a very simple formula. The total number of keywords (KW) divided by the total number of words (TW) times by 100, giving you a percentage value of the density (KD) of that keyword in your text.

(KW/ TW) * 100 = KD

However you do not have to do this math equation in your head yourself! It is such a simple equation that we created a free quick and easy tool that could count your keyword frequency and then calculate your keyword density while you type.

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