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February 6th, 2020


Find out what questions people really search for in google with our Question Keyword Suggestions tool.

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What is a question keyword?

Question based keywords are a form of long-tail keyword that starts with a question word like "how", "what" or "why". However, using these words does not give you every single type of question being asked in google. Some questions do not start with words like "why" or "how", for example take the following 2 questions. The intent of both could be considered a question, but only one contains a question word.

  • "how much do digital agencies charge?"
  • "digital agency charges"

What is a long tail keyword?

A long tail keyword is a keyword which contains more than 3 words. It is a common mis-conception that a long tail keyword is low competition and low volume. There are many examples which prove this wrong. The example below shows the long tail keyword "how to lose weight" has 4 words and 90k search volume, however the broad 2 word keyword "lose weight" has only 35k. This is a 55k difference in volume for a broad keyword and a long tail keyword.

How does the question keyword suggestion tool work?

  • Enter your keyword (eg. flights, digital agency)
  • Click the Suggest Questions button or press enter
  • Done! You can now browse real question suggestions from Google search.

Where does this data come from?

We source all of our suggestion data from Google, using the publicly available suggestions they provide to every single search user. We are just taking all of the heavy lifting out of doing this kind of question based long tail keyword research yourself. For

Is this tool free to use?

Yes! This tool is free to use and will remain free to use for the forseeable future. Unlike other popular tools like AnswerThePublic or, our alternative does not limit the number of daily searches you are allowed to perform.

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