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When launching or working within any sector it is important that we have investigated the key competitors customers will be choosing between when comparing our offering. It is also important to take the blinkers off and look beyond our direct comfort zone.

Velox's plan to success

Our process has been designed specifically to unearth your brand authenticity. Our in-depth methodology produces genuine brand stories that are irresistibly compelling to your audience. We believe by doing this we can help you to realise exceptional results.

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1 - clear & honest

We always do our best to cut the jargon and put things in simple terms, we are open about our solutions and transparent with costs.

2 - modest & perception

We value the input of others, know that we can better our work by listening and learning. Every voice and idea is given its platform and chance to be explored.

3 - open & discerning

We explore every route or possibility that presents itself to us but are shrewd in our decision making. Knowing when to close off one path in favour of another.

4 - astute & accomplished

Our knowledge and skills come as a great benefit and deliver success, our time is our product. We use research and insight to deliver the most efficient value possible.

5 - equal & collaborative

We don’t believe in the traditional client/agency model. We work on projects as a team, we are all in it together and have the same passion and ambition for its progress.

the bigger picture

It is easy to jump into a project, to start thinking about and creating outcomes such as deciding what a website should look like, and the functionality it should have without considering the wider customer journey and the role a certain touchpoint plays within the wider brand experience.

digital strategy

analytics & commercials

  • Investment
  • Accountability
  • Advertising
  • Personnel
  • Growth
  • Reporting


  • Hosting
  • Resourcing
  • CMS
  • Email
  • Functionality
  • Integration

digital strategy

customer service

  • Workflow
  • Communication
  • Account
  • Efficiency
  • Support
  • Policies


  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Email
  • Social
  • Calendar
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of all project fees

Are spent on planting trees in the UK to offset the carbon footprint of digital technologies.

Becoming net carbon negative is an achievable goal and it should be a priority of any modern business. Our initiatives, such as minimising personal carbon footprints and devoting our spare time to charitable fundraising, means that we can help you implement change within your business and benefit the wider community at the same time.