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the world is changing and customers are evolving, only through sustainable digital transformation can we survive

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we immerse ourselvesin your world and search beyond

When launching or working within any sector it is important that we have investigated the key competitors customers will be choosing between when comparing our offering. It is also important to take the blinkers off and look beyond our direct comfort zone.

Step one - Immerse & Understand

immerse & understand

Immersing ourselves in your business and ambitions, whether through in-depth or light-touch research, a better understanding allows for more effective strategic and creative approaches.

Step two - Investigate & Analyse

investigate & analyse

Shaping a strategy and a clear plan. We’ll help take your aspirations from where they are now to being realised. We do this by defining what makes your offering special and what needs to underpin all work going forward.

Step three - Plan & Create

plan & create

Use our findings to create unique and valued customer experiences which bring the brand to life. All creative executions will reflect the strategy and aspirations of the end-user, enabling you to communicate in the most relevant ways.

Step four - Iterate & Improve

iterate & improve

Deploying and launching the new project as part of a clear plan. These come together to form peoples’ experiences of you and your brand. Here we also look back to ensure KPIs have been met and are being measured continually looking for improvements.

We helped Allum & Sidaway launch an online presence echoing their impressive in-store experience and incredible reputation within the jewellery industry. Powerful and mobile optimised eCommerce technology has allowed them to compete in the digital world with confidence.

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the path to success

Our process has been designed specifically to unearth your brand authenticity. Our in-depth methodology produces genuine brand stories that are irresistibly compelling to your audience. We believe by doing this we can help you to realise exceptional results.

Velox's plan to success
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Allum & Sidaway Jeweller's review of Velox
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“Velox exceeded our expectations for quality, service, and speed. We communicate via email, biweekly phone meetings, and the team’s service desk. The Magento site has increased revenue and led to noticeable in-store traffic.”

Allum & Sidaway Reviewer
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Are spent on planting trees in the UK to offset the carbon footprint of digital technologies.

Becoming net carbon negative is an achievable goal and it should be a priority of any modern business. Our initiatives, such as minimising personal carbon footprints and devoting our spare time to charitable fundraising, means that we can help you implement change within your business and benefit the wider community at the same time.